Monday, April 4, 2016

Monopoly Electronic Banking Review

Monopoloy Electronic Banking Edition

Hasbro has been churning out special-themed Monopoly boards left and right and now promises a new take on the beloved classic. Enter Monopoly Electronic Banking.

Will it find a home in our hearts (and a hole in our wallets) just as real-life electronic banking has been essential in our day-to-day?

Monopoly BoxMonopoly Box Opened

What's In The Box:

1 Gameboard
2 Dice
28 Title Deed Cards
16 Community Chest Cards
16 Chance Cards
4 Tokens
39 Houses
12 Hotels
4 Electronic Banking Cards
1 Electronic Banking Unit
1 Game Guide

The Electronic Banking Unit displays current balance of each players and is used for all transactions involving movement of money. It looks and feels like a regular non-scientific calculator albeit the absence of the usual mathematical operators and presence of Monopoly-specific buttons instead. It runs on 2 AAA batteries. The Electronic Banking Cards insert on a slot found at the bottom, similar to how it works on real-life POS machines.

Monopoly Electronic Banking Unit

The Electronic Banking cards are all made of plastic and colored differently to differentiate one player's account from the next. On each card there is a rice-sized indenture found on the right-side (just beside the pseudo electronic chip) to help the Electronic Banking Unit determine which player is currently transacting. This leads me to believe that the cards don't store any data whatsoever and all data are in the Electronic Banking Unit.

Monopoly Banking CardsMonopoly Banking Cards Up Close

The 4 tokens included are all made of plastic with a semi transparent finish. They’re supposed to be exclusive to this Monopoly Edition as well. What came in my box are: spaceship  (blue), headphones (yellow), robo dog (green) and a nice looking convertible (red).

Exclusive Monopoly Tokens

The game guide is very informative in both explaining the game rules and how to use the Electronic Banking unit. Short, simple and sweet.

Monopoly Game Guide

The rest of the pieces are standard Monopoly issue - a 4-fold gameboard, green plastic houses, red plastic hotels and the assortment of cards used for Chance, Title Deeds and Community Chest.

Monopoly Cardshouses and hotelsMonopoly Gameboard

The Experience

Players will feel right at home playing with this set, this is still the same Monopoly people from 8 decades have grown to enjoy and love. The replacement of paper money with the game's concept of electronic banking can be compared to real life --- it is all about convenience. The game guide does an excellent job in explaining how to properly use the Electronic Banking Unit for ALL scenarios, you'd hardly feel any learning curve (take note that the game is recommended for ages 8 and up). Hasbro was really successful in implementing this innovation on this perennial-favorite boardgame.

Monopoly Electronic Banking transaction

  • No paper money to distribute around means fewer pieces to get lost, torn or crumpled (also less trees used)
  • faster and more accurate transactions which leads to a quicker pace overall
  • Needs 2 AAA batteries to operate (and is sold separately)
*info on unit price: Bought at the toys section of SM Department store for PhP 1499.00.


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